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Skrivet av urbanlife.se   
Nu finns det en ny afrofrisör i Stockholm.
Du hittar den på övre butiskplan i Sairas Håratelje i Hallonbergens centrum.

Passa på att nyttja deras öppningserbjudande från och med 1 april;

Klippning Vuxen 100 kr / Barn 80 kr

Du kan droppa in eller beställa tid på mob. 0735 82 60 89

Så bara för att det är långfredag behöver du inte vara långhårig...
Tiger - Okay, He's Human.....Now Let's Enjoy His Golf
Skrivet av George   
Tiger woods and his wife-but for how much longer?

I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart.
I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves.
I am not without faults and I am far short of perfect.
I am dealing with my behavior and personal failings behind closed doors with my family.
Those feelings should be shared by us alone.

I suspect you knew something didn't quite make sense in Tiger's world after hearing about a driveway car accident at 2:25am, scratches on the face and his wife holding a golf club. It seems many gave Tiger the benefit of the doubt as they believed that he was a squeaky clean family man. Upon hearing the news, a marital problem was my first thought mainly because Tiger has had (until now) a superior image and maintained a super secretive private life. This bizarre accident seemed out of character for a man who loves his privacy. I'm glad he finally came clean earlier this week with his "transgressions" as it should serve him well in the future with his family, the public and his sponsors.

What is quite scary for his fellow PGA golfers is that his ordeal might make him a better golfer.

The worst kept secret is finally out and now the greatest golfer ever has a few blemishes. It's fascinating how HUGE this story has become and I wanted to address some of the issues that my inner circle has discussed as well as commentary I have read.

Stocktown presenterar sydafrikanskt modefenomen
sydafrikanskt modefenomenFram till den 19 december visas fotografen Chris Saunders bilder av stilfenomenet Smarteez på Dramaten. Smarteez är en modestil som kommer från Sowetos kåkstäder. Stilen beskrivs som en unik blandning av klädkoder och färgkombinationer, och den har fått modevärlden att häpna.

Utställningen presenteras av Stocktown,  http://www.myspace.com/sttwn
(Obs! Ej att förväxla med namnet ”StockTown” i krönikan The Hofverberg Column)

Stocktown Africa presenterar Smarteez
20 november – 19 december
Lejonkulans foajé på Dramaten (ingång Sibyllegatan)

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How NOT to attract girls
Skrivet av urbanlife.se   


Have you ever been out, met a girl, swapped numbers and then nervously called the next day?
Well here's how NOT to do it.

The story is this:  a girl was out with friends having drinks on King St (in Toronto).  This guy approaches her and won't leave her alone - saying how cute she is. She finally gives in and hands the guy her business card to get rid of him. 
The attached is an MP3 file of not one, but TWO voicemails this guy left. This goes down in the history books - especially the second voice mail.

After hearing them you can clearly see why she didn't call him back - instead  she called in to the Z103.5 morning show & had them play this on the air.

Ladies: He is out there... :)

Source: http://melodymaker.posterous.com
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